Scourz is currently only offered in Wilmington, North Carolina.


/ˈskou(ə)rs/ Verb - subject (a place, text, etc.) to a thorough search in order to locate something.

     While running a social media management company we have found that people use social media to look for recommendations or services. We now work with a few companies because of the prompt response to their post on social media. That response was us commenting on the post, and messaging the lead. But, it would really only work if we responded quickly. In some cases, we were too late. 8 Hours, and 20 comments later, we felt like we were too late to even try to sell. 

What if we could respond to their need immediately?

     As a business owner, we simply do not have time to scroll social media all day and wait on these posts. As a smaller business we don’t have tons of people tagging us in comments. Most of the notifications we receive from social media aren’t time sensitive either.

What if we could notify business owners, or the marketing team in a better way?

     Scourz notifies via text message. A more direct, better way for a business to see the lead come through. This system lets the business owner or employees have a hands-off approach. They can go about doing other necessary tasks while we send them local leads. Scourz works for any industry. We regularly see people looking for realtors, lawyers, doctors, restaurants, gyms, fencing companies, and much more.